How to rip a damaged DVD?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by amin, Nov 19, 2006.

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    My kids damage DVDs all the time. I try to copy the DVDs we buy, so they can ruin a copy instead of the original, but usually the original gets some damage too. MacTheRipper will do its best, but sometimes just freezes mid-rip. Othertimes it finishes but declares "bad sectors." Usually I try compressing these damaged rips in DVD2OneX, which seems to repair some of them, but not others. Handbrake seems to be able to rip some that MTR can't, but I can't burn a DVD from Handbrake without going through another step or two.

    So... anyone have any good tips regarding apps that can help get a functional rip out of a flawed DVD?
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    If the data can't be read off the disc then there is no way to "fake it" being there. It's not a software issue, it's a physical drive-can't-read-data-that-is-unreadable issue. What you have to do is fix the disc. Get a CD/DVD polisher to buff out the scratches, or take your damaged discs down to the local used CD shop and they can do it for you.

    Then tell your kids that the next one who scratches a DVD gets a whupping. Voila, no more scratched DVDs. :D
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    Sep 5, 2006
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    Amin, I sympathize with your situation and your desire to keep your original DVDs safe. You should however re-check some of the DVDs that you are trying to backup. MactheRipper may be failing not because of damage to the DVD but rather due to copy protection especially on newer release DVDs. One common copy protection scheme is to mix 'bad sectors' into the data or the TOC therby confusing the ripping software. Even if the rip finishes the errors produce unusable copies. You can seach online for the specific DVD titles to determine if there is copy protection at work. There are ways to backup these DVDs however most if not all current solutions lie on the Windows platform.

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