How to run 2 iPhones on one iTunes, with different libraries?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by SD-B, Aug 11, 2016.

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    Apr 1, 2009
    Has anyone ever been able to run 2 iphones off of one iTunes/1 iMac computer and both iphones can have different songs on them?
    I need to know if this is even possible?

    Have 2 iphones, each one has its own email attached so 2 different identities but both under family sharing.

    5 + SE

    IS there a way I can load up songs on one iphone and have that saved automatically under its own named library on my iMac - and then install a second iPhone, put that persons choice of songs on it and have that then save itself under the library named for that owner?

    IF there is a way, I need to be led through the process.
    I have had people tell me that family sharing will make it work.
    ok but how, I already have it on family sharing and its not working?
    And so on.

    I have never had luck putting 2 iphones through one computer.
    In fact i went to android for 4 years to avoid this
    but find myself back at iPhones for both and this same old problem once again. :(

    Thanks in Advance
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    Apr 1, 2009
    /notes to self

    call 1-800 apple tomorrow and if not possible, goes back to android at least for one phone :(
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    Jan 18, 2016
    Well one option would be to have multiple user accounts on your iMac.

    I really don't know why you couldn't do it with the "only sync selected songs" option, though.
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    Nov 26, 2006
    Yes, it's possible. I think you may be over complicating what you want to do. Assuming all the music you want to sync to the two iPhones is all in the same iTunes library you can use playlists to accomplish what you want to do. Then sync the playlists, and only the playlists, to the iPhones when you sync them. You can use either a Smart Playlist, or a static playlist.

    Let's say for example Sarah wants all Bob Dylan on her iPhone. But John wants all AC/DC. You would create two playlists for each person. Then when each iPhone is connected to the computer to sync, in iTunes you'll select that iPhone and go to Music and select the Playlist to sync. Don't select anything else. Then every time you make a change to that playlist the changes will be synced whenever the respective iPhone is connected.
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    Apr 1, 2009
    Ok. Thanks. I shall try that tommorrow. It would not be the first time I have been accused of overcomplicating matters.
    Yet it seems so few have the simple answer themselves.
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    Apr 1, 2009
    No, nothing that has been given to me works. I have no choice but to take in both iphones to Apple, passwords and have them do it. No matter what i try, I am only able to synch ONE set up of music on iTunes to one phone. Worse, the wrong phone. For weeks now when my partner leaves the house he has to take MY phone in order to listen to music. While he is out, any messages that come in for him, I have to then send to him and vice versa. Have spent hours upon hours trying to figure it out and nothing will work. His phone, no matter what i do will not accept any music.

    Thanks though.
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    Nov 26, 2006
    I need more information. When you plug in the iPhones do you get any alert messages? What do they say? Exactly.
  8. SD-B, Aug 20, 2016
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    Apr 1, 2009
    Likely too complicated for here.

    Each phone has its own address
    iMac, my computer, to my @me address seems to have taken control.
    His address wont accept music on his phone though.
    (if that is part of it?)

    No alert messages.
    Both home sharing.
    Have triple checked, signed into each icloud address, all passwords, everything correct.

    When I look at his music icon on his phone, in the top right hand corner is a red circle with a male red icon, yet my name is attached. Not his. Have tried deleting that but each time i sign in under his icloud address, my name remains.
    No music or playlists show up in it, which is on his phone.

    I have put music on my iMac in an itunes folder but it will only show up on the iTunes on my iMac but not one song shows up on his phone, again, only mine.

    Plugging in his phone now = no alert messages all it does is copy diagnostic information when i try to sync the phone = no music.
    in iTunes, it shows the icon for an iphone but no music, nothing. (his phone is an older iphone 5)

    I just plugged my phone in right afterwards. No alerts other than a new update.
    A new iphone software version (9.3.4) is available for "my" phone....( I have the new SE)

    Went to update, told me to "enter the passcode on "my phone" to continue this OS update" which I do. D/L now.

    Dbl checked to make sure my account was authorized. Although I am sure i have authorized it about a zillion times already, it popped up a sign in window. My husbands account was listed so I typed mine in instead, okd it and I see that my iphone is listed by name in below, etc.
    Under "Store" I see password settings for his address, not mine, although its my computer and he never uses it, nor does it bring email for his account into it. ( this goes only to his phone )

    Went back to authorize/check account - dont know if this means anything but once again it defaults to his address, asking for a password, but not mine. Mine is the one that controls this computer but wont let me put music on HIS phone.

    Ok, updated.
    Take out my phone, put back in his.
    No alert messages, nadda to anything.
    Go back to iTunes, see it sees his iphone now, not mine
    No music listed at all on his for the iphone.
    Yet the music i have in iTunes for all under music-just not showing up on his phone.
    With all the putzing around i have done, I now see since this morning, all songs copied/doubled.

    Same thing, try to synch to his phone and copies diagnostic info but no music, nothing at all on his phone

    Hope that's clear? lol
  9. mallbritton macrumors 6502a

    Nov 26, 2006
    My main take away from your post is that you do not appear to be selecting any music to be copied to the iPhones. Let me see if I can help with that.

    It is possible to sync via USB more than one iDevice to an iTunes library, and this is not dependent on the Apple ID. So, before you do anything make sure that each iPhone is signed into the appropriate Apple ID.

    Now we’re going to work on getting some music onto the iPhones. For this demonstration I’m going to use my iPad, but the results will be the same. First we will create a Smart Playlist for your iPhone. We’ll call it “Her Playlist.”
    1. In iTunes pull down File > New > Smart Playlist. Make it look the image #1 below. What this playlist will do is collect 25 tracks that have not been played in the last 90 days. Click the OK button and name it Her Playlist (image #2).
    2. Now connect your iPhone via USB. If it starts backing up and syncing let it finish.
    3. After the backup and sync is finished select the iPhone in iTunes (image #3).
    4. Now Select Music in the left hand menu (image #4).
    5. In the main iTunes Window select “Sync Music” at the top. In the Playlists window select “Her Playlist.” Don’t worry about the number of songs at the top, yours ought to say “25 Songs.” Click Apply and iTunes will sync with the iPhone (image #5)
    6. Once the sync is finished disconnect the iPhone and open the Music app. If necessary tap “My Music.” You should see your 25 songs now.
    You can now repeat these steps for your husband’s iPhone. Keep in mind that the playlist I created is only for demonstration. You can create Playlists that are appropriate for you and your husband. If you need any advice on creating playlists I’ll be happy to help.

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    Apr 1, 2009
    Thank you very much for all of your work/help!

    No time tonight but will try this out tomorrow.
    Will let you know ASAP if it worked :)
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    Apr 1, 2009
    Well. It all started well, or so I thought.

    I had 2 playlists in iTunes.
    But they weren't smart playlists.
    They were the ones with a musical note beside them.

    So I created 2 new smart playlists.
    I didnt delete the original 2 as I did not dare to do so and end up without any music.
    Figured i could delete those afterwards.

    Followed your directions. Did a smart playlist, 25 items, random not played 90 days etc.
    Plugged in his phone and for the first time, i did get music on his phone.
    But as i wanted more than 25 songs, I changed it to 125.
    I even added 5 new Janis Joplin albums to Music so I could also pick up about 10 songs between those 5 CDs.
    But for some reason, no matter what i do, I cannot add them to this new His Smart Playlist.
    They only add to his original playlist.
    Now, when I look at his phone, I see ONE of the new CDs on it, not 5.

    Before i go any further, believe it or not I am pretty adept with computers.
    But for some reason I just can't seem to figure out this itune software.
    Don't know what it is i am missing.

    So now I have on his phone, his new SMART Playlist but only 50 songs.
    Yet if I look under MUSIC in his phone, I see at least one Joplin album but no matter what i try to do, I cannot add it to his Smart List. It only wants me to add it to a "New Playlist" and i dont want to make another playlist, right?

    Image: What I see when HIS iphone is plugged in. Under this iphone his new smart playlist although I can't seem to add anymore songs to it, so far.
    Under Music Playlists, I see my "Her new smartlist" and his original #1 iphone playlist-that I didnt want to delete until I knew for sure I would have music on his phone, or even if only mine again.


    Looking at HIS iphone, i see under Music, one Joplin album I have tried to add.


    But I cannot add it to his new smart playlist


    but all it will allow me to do is add it to another playlist, I dont believe i want. Don't I just want all the songs to be on the same Smart Playlist? I have tried adding this CD along with a few others, to no avail to his smart Playlist.


    Ok, so at least i have some music on his iphone if not exactly what i want or the full selection.
    So now we will plug in my iphone. LMAO

    so not only do I have the 2 new smart lists, i seem to end up with his lists, extras, I didnt make and everyone has a different number of songs on it.
    I wish I could just delete this whole list but i cant. Not even my music but his.


    Beginning to think it might be best just to delete all the libraries in full and start over?
    But not sure how to do so without potentially deleting files I need?
  12. mallbritton macrumors 6502a

    Nov 26, 2006
    Ok, so, I think the best solution for you is going to be to use Static Playlists. This will allow you to add tracks to the playlist via drag-n-drop, which, generally, you can't do with a Smart Playlist. You will also be able to delete tracks from the Static Playlist by selecting a track or tracks and hitting the Delete key. This will not delete the tracks from the iTunes library; only from the playlist.

    Let's start with the Janis Joplin. In the upper right corner of the iTunes window type Janis Joplin in the search field. This should show you all her albums. Highlight all the tracks and drag-n-drop them into the left-hand column. This will create a new, Static Playlist which you can name something like His iPhone. Or anything you want to name it, really.

    Now all you have to do is follow the steps I outlined for you previously to sync this playlist to his iPhone. If you do not wish to sync the Smart Playlist to the iPhone any longer unselect it. You can also safely delete the playlist if you don't want to use it anymore.

    To add tracks to "His Playlist" simply drag-n-drop them from the main iTunes library. They will sync to the respective iPhone then next time it is plugged in.

    Also, when syncing His iPhone be sure and not choose your playlists to sync and vice versa. Unless of course that is what you want.

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