How to save development codes on Mac drives

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by SiriusVector, Jul 23, 2009.

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    I wanted to get some feedback on how developers out there are saving codes on their Mac machines? What I mean is, the disks are by default formatted to be case-insensitive, and some of the projects I work on, require that the file system be case sensitive. As of now, I just have a disk image which is formatted case sensitive. But the problem with that is my time machine will try to keep a copy (backup) of it every time I have made a change to my files in that image. So I wanted to know how you guys are taking care of it? I even tried creating a different partition, but that meant I needed a different time machine partition also.

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    I have the same problem is VMware disk images used by Fusion. These contain other OSes (I have a Windox Xp and Ubuntu Linux VMware image) If anything on either of those is changed TM copies the entire 10GB image.

    The only way around this problem is to add the image file to the list of TM's excluded folders so that TM does not back these up. Then you use some other method to do the backups

    If you have importent data you need another parallel backup system. You can,t just use TM as theat is only one copy and it's not off-site. Let this other redundent backup plan take care of your image files.
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    Using a sparcebundle might help, as only the changed strip will need updating.

    But ultimately you are swimming up-stream. I have never understood projects that use file-names that differ by only case. It is a practice that only creates miscommunication and type opportunities. And the whole practice of case-sensitive filesystems was just because the computers they were developed on didn't have the horse-power to do the case conversions fast enough.

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