How to save file from died MacBook Pro retina 2015


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Jul 3, 2019
hello everyone, I have a MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Mid 2015 that has died because the logic board error and Apple service told me to replace the logic board and top case which cost 1400 usd. i dont hace money for this repair. is there a way how to save file from that died macbook? sorry for my terrible english



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Apr 19, 2017
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Simplest method would be to put the SSD into another MacBook, boot from your drive, and copy of the data.

You could buy a usb enclosure but they are very expensive.


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Oct 19, 2014
Does the MBP turn on/power on? If so then you may be able to use Target Disk Mode to access the Drive on the MBP from a different Mac using a Thunderbolt cable. Use a Thunderbolt 2 cable to connect your 2015 MBP to a Thunderbolt 1/2 compatible Mac and hold the "T" key during startup.
If you are connecting to a newer Mac that only has Thunderbolt 3, then you can use Apple's Thunderbolt 2 to TB3 adapter along with a Thunderbolt 2 cable to connect the 2015 MBP to a TB3 only Mac.

If your MBP doesn't turn on/power on and you can't boot into Target Disk Mode, then your only options are using the OWC Envoy Pro disk enclosure and putting the ssd blade inside of it or putting the blade into another Mac that can use them.

I've used Target Disk Mode just fine on several Macs and I've also used the OWC Envoy Pro enclosure without any problems. The TB2 cable and/or the TB2-TB3 adapter can add up in cost if you don't have them already or don't need them for any other usage.