How to save Playlists in iTunes?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Keniff, Apr 22, 2009.

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    I've search high and dry for the answer to this question, so sorry if I'm the millionth person to ask...

    About a year ago I finally did the right thing and bought a 1TB external HD for my 'G4 Dual Optical'.

    I put all my music (and other stuff) on it and went into iTunes Preferences>Advance and changed the 'iTunes Music Folder Location' to my External HD.

    Easy Peasy!

    Then in January ('09), I upgraded the OS from OS X v10.4 to v10.5.6.
    I did a complete fresh install, everything was fine, except when I redirected iTunes to my External HD I'd lost all my Playlists!

    As you can imagine this was slightly frustrating as I have over 7000 songs in my iTunes library!

    A couple of weeks ago, I spent hours and hours re-creating new playlist folders, and putting them in some kind of organization again.

    Now, this is my Question:

    I've now bought a new Mac and I was just getting everything over to the new one, this will be easy as everything is backed up, but how do I save those play lists?

    I notice I can 'right-click' on a play list and I have a choice of things I can do!
    Maybe it's this?

    I'd be very grateful if somebody could explain in "Layman's Terms", how I can do this, as the idea of having to organize the library again is a daunting one!

    Thanks so much in advance and I'm using iTunes 8.1.1, if that helps...
  2. coronel mustard macrumors member

    coronel mustard

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    1)Right click on the playlist you want to save

    2)Select "Export playlist"

    3)From the dialog box that pops up, pick where you want to save your playlist- keep the other setting as they are.

    4)The playlist will then be saved as a .txt file.

    Now if you want to import that playlist back into your library or a new one...all you need to do is this...

    1)Open itunes

    2)Click on File- Library- Import Playlist

    3)Pick your saved playlist

    And Viola! You have your playlist back in itunes. Hope this helps:)
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    YAY! :apple: Problem Solved! :D

    Thankyou so much 'coronel mustard' I had a feeling it was something so simple and it's so nice to learn something new, so I can hopefully share some knowledge!

    Thanks once again ;)

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