How to See Content Downloaded for Offline Reading in Apple News+

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    With an Apple News+ subscription, you can download magazines for offline reading, but Apple doesn't provide an easy way to see what's downloaded and what's not. You can tell on an individual magazine basis by checking to see if a download icon (cloud and arrow) is available, but there's no section in Apple News+ for managing offline content.

    You can, however, still check to see what's downloaded, though you'll need to turn off your WiFi and LTE to do so.
    1. Open up the Control Center on your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Tap on the Airplane Mode icon to disable WiFi and your cellular connection if using an LTE iPad.
    3. Open up the Apple News app.
    4. Tap on the Apple News+ section.
    5. Let it load.
    When the Apple News+ section is done loading whatever content is available, you'll see a list of all of the magazines that have been downloaded for offline reading.


    You can tap on any one of the magazines that you've downloaded to read it, and to download more, simply turn WiFi and LTE back on.

    For more on Apple News+, make sure to check out our dedicated Apple News+ guide. Apple News users can follow MacRumors on Apple News using this link.

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    I was just looking at many of the News and Magazine articles. Pretty much everything that was free will soon be $10 per month to read from every source :eek: If you read from 5 different sources you will end up paying $50 per month or $600 per year to read what used to be read for free :eek:o_O
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    What? It’s $10 for all inclusive.
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    Not how I saw it.. Each one is $10 from what I saw unless I was wrong. 10 news sources or magazine sources would cost $100o_O:eek:
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    Nope. Apple News+ is 10/month and includes all of those publications. Here's the MR article on the topic.
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    It's like an interface designed by a high school intern. Confusing. Cumbersome. You cannot enforce the same font preferences across channels. You cannot even sort channels alphabetically. It seems it is not designed by anyone who would use the app. But don't expect more from Apple. This is how it is now. Just live with it. I still like Apple more than the alternatives.
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    It’s what happens when you combine a free app with paid content. A paid news plus needs to be its own app. The tabs at bottom should be newspapers, mags, etc. And no ads.
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    I am hoping this gets better. I mean, it has to. The Apple Music interface was abysmal when it launched, and it moved up to "usable" since then. Hopefully we see the same from Apple News+.
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    Also, *seeing* your downloaded content takes a very, very long time. It will appear as if nothing is happening for a bit. Obvious bug.

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