How to see hidden files on a CD single


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Jan 14, 2015
Hi everyone. I have a CD single from 2000, which in addition to having 3 songs (audio files), also has a video file of the band performing 1 song live. This was back in the OS 9 days, and the video file had "auto play" functionality, which means you could play it in OS 9 by double clicking without specifically needing the original application (it's a Shockwave file).

Now, fast forward to Mavericks, and the video file is unplayable, but it's obviously still there on the CD. I'm quite certain that somewhere among the invisible files on this CD is a simple file (maybe a Quicktime file) that I could extract to be able to view the video again. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to accomplish this ?

Any help would be most appreciated.