How to sell a used MacBook Pro?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Anician, Oct 26, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I recently bought a new MBP and now I'm trying to sell my old 2008 MBP. I'm planning to put up flyers around my uni but I think my best bet to get a good resale price is through ebay where I've seen the same model of my MBP sell for some very good prices. The problem is, this is going to be my first time selling something on ebay and I'm not sure how hard it would be to sell something on an account that doesn't have any positive feedback. How much of a barrier is this going to be in selling my Mac? I've found an eBay trading assistant nearby but I'm quite reluctant to pay the 20-30% selling commission!

    I've also considered selling it through other sites such as gumtree and craigslist but from what I've read there seems to be quite a few scammers lurking through those sites. Oh, and I think it's worth mentioning that I'm in the UK if you haven't already figured it out!

    Any feedback is much appreciated! :)

    [edit] I just realised I posted this in the Buying Tips subforum, can a moderator please move it into the MacBook Pro subforum or one that's more appropriate?
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    I bought my current MBP (late 2011) on Craigslist and then turned around and sold my old one the same way. Took all of 2 days to sell it. I would only deal with local, cash buyers.

    You will have issues with selling it on eBay since you're not an established seller. I would be skeptical buying something that pricey from someone with no feedback.
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    First off, list off the specs of your machine. List the generation [e.g. MacBook Pro (15", Early 2008)], and anything else that might help describe it. Take a good inventory of the machine's cosmetic condition. Look it up on eBay and see what similar machines are going for. Then go on Craigslist, and post your listing for that price. Make sure that the other person hands you cash; make sure you meet in a public place...all that said, if you are not lucky in selling it on Craigslist, try eBay; though you'll have to give a percentage of the winnings to eBay and PayPal. Irritating, but so it goes.

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