How to send feedback to Microsoft?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by notarichman, Jun 4, 2009.

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    Jun 4, 2009
    Everyone I work with Hates MSWord, but it is the industry standard and we're all stuck with it. But, perhaps "hate" is an inadequate despription?

    Primarily writing proposals/reports. I'm not sure I can adequately describe how much my co-workers loathe MSWord. The way it constantly moves graphics to the edge of the page, the way it randomly reformats entire sections of the document, the utter incompatibility with the PC version - destroying graphics on every version, the menus that can't be undone and the way MS decided to reorganize the commands so nothing can be found. Very few things in life create a level of emotion that this software does to the team members. Maybe road-rage comes the closest, although I can't say I've ever seen anyone as mad at someone cutting another off as the team is mad at MS.

    I guess my team feels like Michael Vick's dogs. They are trapped with no hope of getting out, forced to face the software every day. And no matter how hard they fight to make things work, they are destined to the pain and suffering forced on them by the MS developers. (disclaimer: analogy for dramatic impact, no dogs-of-proposal-writing were physically harmed in the making of this analogy).

    My question is, how do we relate our dissatisfaction to MS? They appear to have no feedback mechanism (perhaps from this we can deduce why their product is so abysmal)? Or maybe someone has a suggestion to free me and my fellow team members from MS-Vick's kennel? Thanks
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    May 26, 2009
    Well, its fairly simple. Help -> Send Feedback about Word.
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    Welcome to a world where MS is the only choice, without any significant competition......

    Vote with your dollars. Send them a note: "Due to our experiences with your word processing software, we have moved to <Insert name of any alternative here>. We couldn't be happier, many thanks!"

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