How to set new mail sound the same on the Mac and iPhone?


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Jul 21, 2013
I have always wanted my iPhone and Mac to make the same noise when email arrives. For some reason none of the options for sounds on the Mac and the iPhone match? For example, what if I wanted the glass sound to play on either device when new mail comes in. How do I do that? Thanks.


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Sep 23, 2008
macOS Mail can use sounds that you put in your user library (go to Finder → Go → Library while holding down the option key to see it) under the Sounds directory (you may have to restart Mail to make them appear in Mail settings). iOS Mail uses the tones that you transfer to iOS with iTunes (or Finder in macOS Catalina). Depending on which particular tone you want, you have to do either of these.

macOS actually has the same tones as on iOS somewhere in the system library, if you prefer to use the iOS tones. Otherwise you have to copy the tones from macOS to iOS.
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