How to set "Title" as "File Name" in iPhoto?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by kothrush, Nov 28, 2005.

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    iPhoto lets you batch rename the title for your photo library of a given roll. So if you have say "Vacation" you can set title to all the photos in there as Vacation -1 , Vacation -2 etc. etc. But, this is just the title for iphoto database. The actual filename will still be as IMG_xxx.jpg (or whatever is default in your digital camera).

    Is there a way to set the Title as File name ?? I already have 1000+ photos iphoto and title is all set as my Roll Name - xx . But it will be great to have file names set as the title too.

    I think I can batch rename in Image Capture before downloading the files, but then I have to again import those in iPhoto , so its two step process and inconvenient.

    So, does anyone know how to set File name as Title ( you can only do other way around in iPhoto, I think) ? Any script available which can read iPhoto title and set the file name as Title? Thanks.
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    Nope - so far as I'm aware there's not. The problem is that the change would have to be done in iPhoto so that its 'database' could track the change; doing it outside of iPhoto would mean corruption and it not being able to find your pics any longer.

    I suspect it's justified by a myriad of reasons internally; users can't be trusted only to use file names once (whereas with current system, you could call them all the same thing without creating problems), the file name is the URN for the system since it's a constant.

    The only time I find it annoying is when using Spotlight to search for the name of an image and it comes back with the filename instead.

    You can get/make an Automator action that will run automatically when you use Image Capture to rename your files (it's not native in Image Capture) and then import them into iPhoto so that you're not having to do it.
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    Please send feedback to Apple. I don't understand why they don't do something about this.

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