Mac How to set-up a download and license site

Bruce Patterson

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Jan 3, 2007
Winter Park, Florida
I'd like to offer my product via download when clients purchase a license. Is this possible? Can you do this if it's a video file? Is there any way to embedd a QT file that will require you to plug in a 1-time license in order for it to play?


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Jun 15, 2000
You may be interested in Kagi. They provide a service that allows you to sell a downloadable product.

You cannot embed a 1-time request for a serial number inside a movie file. Unless you essentially duplicated a DRM scheme like Apple uses with iTunes, it is virtually impossible to protect a video file unless I'm missing something.

You could also make it harder for someone to pirate your video, by embedding it into a web page with Flash or something else that is less accessible outside of the browser (although it's not hard to convert FLVs to another format).
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