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    not sure, whether this is the correct forum to ask. If not, I'm sorry.

    I have a small home network (see on pdf file). The setting of Ubiquiti nanobridge is very limited but it's connected to internet. Airport express is there just as a source for audio (Airplay) to my radio in bedroom). Time Capsule is also source of my movies/TV Shows for Apple TV 2 (jailbreaked with FireCore inside). Now everything works. But...

    1) If I leave everything at its place can I set up the whole network in way that the Time Capsule will be the main router (with DHCP on), the TP-Link will be just a switch (DHCP off) and Ubiquit will provide the internet (DHCP off)?
    2) can I also use the Wan ports (Time Capsule, TP-Link). I'm not sure how they works or whether they can be used as Lan ports or not.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Assuming that you can turn DHCP off on the nanobridge, you should be able to move that function over to the Time Capsule.

    However, since the connection to the internet is via the nanobridge, it's still the main router and handles the network address translation (NAT).

    If you can put the nanobridge into bridge mode so that it doesn't route you might be able to use the TC as your main router.

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    Hmm, thanks for advice, I try that when I get home.

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