How to share files between Bootcamp install

Discussion in 'macOS Sierra (10.12)' started by Garage Battle, Dec 1, 2016.

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    Hi all! 2016 ntMBP and all updates.

    Did a Bootcamp install with Windows 10.

    Realized I wanted to create a Fat32 partition to moves files back and forth between MacOS and Windows.

    Created a 16gb Fat32 partition in Disk Utility.

    Windows 10 wont boot anymore (ive ran into this before on windows boxes)

    So I had Bootcamp restore the drive to a single partition (delete Windows install) - this also wiped out the Fat32gb storage partition as well.

    If I try and create a Fat32 partition for storage before running Bootcamp, Bootcamp will not let me install Windows on the remaining storage - it thinks the Fat32 partition is a Windows install and wants to delete it every time I try and run Bootcamp.

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    Whoever toggles from MacOS to Windows and backwards is best served with a virtual machine with Windows inside. Both Parallels and Fusion create it from the Mac side so no BootCamp is needed. :rolleyes:

    However with a BootCamp installed Windows there are easy ways to tranfer files from one OS to the other.
    To copy a file from the Mac side into a Bootcamp Windows drive is no problem since you can see the Windows drive although it is named "Untitled". From the Windows side this does not work since usually you do not see the Mac drive.
    However what is easier than to use a FAT32 USB Pen Drive to transfer files?
    It is seen and can be used from the Mac side and from the BootCamp Windows side. :)
    It seems to me a simple solution with nothing disturbing either MacOS or Windows OS.

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