How To Share With Only One Computer?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ayeplussjr, Feb 3, 2009.

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    I have a Windows XP machine and I have some folders on there that I would like to share with "JUST" my iMac. I have other folders shared like pictures and music that I can see that is on my iMac as well as a 2nd Windows machine.

    But, I would like to only share other folders with just the iMac. Does anyone know how to set up folder sharing with just one other computer (my iMac)? Remember, the folder I want to share with my iMac is on a Windows XP machine.

    Thanks for the help!!
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    If you right click on a folder in XP, there is a check box or tab that you go to in order to share that folder. Something like that has to be done to share anything from XP to Mac as far as I know; so instead of sharing the entire C: drive that way, you'll just be sharing that specific folder.

    Do a search on how to connect to a Win share through smb (I believe) through the Finder's GO menu, Connect to Server option. There are "easier" ways but from what I've experienced that is always the best. It relates to something like, smb\\PCIP\PCNAME\SHAREDFOLDER, and once you do it once you can save it there for easy future connections.

    After much fiddling, I finally have one of my Dell's showing up properly in my Mac's network folder, but because they use two different sharing methods I'd say the most difficult part is getting it to work the first time; and because Windows has sharing options/firewall all spread out in different settings areas which can be confusing.

    This method will set up a general share, in which any computer connected to the network with user's name/pass can connect to (if you don't have a password for your current Windows admin/user then you might have to create one up for proper use).

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