How to ship 2011 27" iMac without original box?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by bungiefan89, Sep 3, 2016.

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    Apr 5, 2011
    I know this thread has been made before, but I need advice on some specifics ...

    Long story short: really long trip, can't take 2011 27" iMac on the plane, plan to UPS it to my destination by ground. Don't have original box or insets, can't find new ones. Considering using clothing/blankets as cushioning in a custom box and shipping in a face-down orientation. Good ideas or bad?

    Of course, the original box is probably the best method, but I no longer have the box or styrofoam inserts the computer came with (disposed of them just a few months ago, drat!). I've contacted Apple and they don't seem to have any more boxes for this model anymore, and neither do any of the local Mac shops in my area ... so I have to get creative.

    I'm pretty sure my local mom-and-pop packaging shop will have a suitable box and bubble wrap for my needs. But since I've got a LOT of things I want to take over, I thought I could hit two birds with one stone by using blankets and clothing instead of bubble wrap or other packaging material as the cushioning inside the box. A family member also suggested taping the glass screen diagonally better prevent damage (it does have a small crack on the left side). Has anybody done this before?

    Also, the iMac was shipped to me in a box that held it in an upright position ... but wouldn't it be better to ship the device in a face-down orientation?

    Any other advice on how to best ship my beloved workhorse from West Coast to East Coast would be appreciated! Thanks! :)

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