Resolved How to solve certain version rollback issues with ML and Lion

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Prodo123, Mar 6, 2012.

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    This has since been fixed. See the reply for the solution!

    I tried out ML, didn't like it (in fact, hated it) so I rolled back to 10.7.3. Now, won't start and I get this error:


    Some people recommended a fresh reinstall, but this happens directly after formatting the hard drive and doing a fresh reinstall! I tried reinstalling iLife to no avail. It won't let me reinstall a previous version of Mail.

    Any help?

    I tried a "dirty" install of Lion. No luck.
    I also noticed some of the prefpanes aren't working. They are:
    Desktop & Screen Saver
    Energy Saver

    I'll try playing around with OnyX to see if I can fix these issues.

    *UPDATE 2*
    OnyX can't do anything about it.
    Meanwhile, this thread describes the same problem verbatim. I guess the OP is too scared to admit installing a pirated version of ML DP.
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    Checking out the log, these prefpanes all seem to be linked to the iLifeMediaBrowser:
    So I extracted the iLifeMediaBrowser.framework folder from the installation media package and replaced the one on my computer. Voilà, it all works!!

    You can extract the necessary files and folders using Pacifist. The necessary package is Essentials.pkg from the InstallESD.dmg file used to create the bootable Lion installation media.

    Now iLifeMediaBrowser plugins are being the issue, which can be solved in a similar fashion.

    The plug-in folder is located in /Library/Application Support/iLifeMediaBrowser/Plug-Ins.

    As always, it would be best if you used the installation files that match your system version.

    May this be helpful to others who want to roll back to 10.7.3!

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