How to start fresh but keep my app backups

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Sherifftruman, Jun 12, 2014.

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    Jun 23, 2010
    So, I have had iPhones since 3G. I have jailbroken them, upgraded software, etc, always restoring from backups. I have issues with overheating and bad battery occasionally and app crashes pretty frequently. Not too long ago I changed to a new computer (to a Mac from a PC actually) and in the process, screwed up my restores. Somehow, over the years, some of my app data had been stored in the normal locations and some elsewhere and even though I thought I copied it all over, I have issues with music library and apps reinstalling when I backed up and restored from the Mac. All the data is there, but a good portion of the apps have to be downloaded individually. Of course I am using iCloud for backups also.

    Just in case Apple decides to put out a new phone this year ;) , I was wondering how I might go about starting over from scratch, but still somehow getting the data from the backups from iCloud. Is it possible to do individual apps? There are a few things I can still see doing, but many of the reasons I ever jailbroke are now included in iOS it seems, especially the most important so if for some reason, iOS 8 on iPhone 6 is never able to be jailbroken, I can deal with it.
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    I'd love for this to be possible, but I think it would only work if the App's supported iCloud Documents storage and stored the settings there.

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