How to stop Google using my old iPhone for verification?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by RedTomato, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Every now and then I have to re-sign into Gmail etc. That's fine. However, every time I do this, it asks me to use my OLD iPhone for verification. How do I stop it doing this?

    I have checked the list of devices at and my old phone is not there. My current iPhone and Macbook Air are both there. I can't remove a device that isn't there.

    I still have access to my old phone. I signed it out of iCloud and wiped it and gave it & the SIM card to a family member. They now have it signed into their own iCloud account and their own gmail account. Maybe Google thinks the number is still mine? A month ago I checked all phone numbers linked to my account, and updated my number and the 2-step verification numbers to my current phone. That was a month ago & I'm still having this problem.

    I've just checked with the family member - their Gmail 2-step authentication is indeed linked to their own number (the one that used to be mine). Their number shouldn't be coming up as the number for my own 2-step verification.

    Any help?
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    Everything should be listed in Security for your Google account.
    - Use your phone to sign in
    - 2-Step Verification
    - Recovery Phone

    You may also want to check your Contact info under Personal Info in your Google Account.

    I'd open up each one of those options to make sure there isn't any secondary numbers listed.

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