How to Stream .MP4 from iPhone to TCL SmartTV?

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    So I have a RoKu enabled TCL Smart TV. Using an app called RokuCast I’m able to search for movies on streaming websites and then beam them to the smartTV. This is awesome since I can stream literally any movie or TV show onto the tv directly from my iPhone. The app only streams from within the RokuCast app and it seems like it has to come from a streaming website.

    Now to the main topic I’m asking here:

    I have 3 Indiana Jones movies I purchased from iTunes and are currently in my AppleTV app but want to beam it to my smart TV. I also have a full feature length movie in the Apple Photos app and I’d also like to be able to beam it to the TV, but don’t know how. Finally, I also have a few movies in the VLC app and also in Readdle’s DOCUMENTS app.
    I’d love to be able to view these movies that are saved within my iPhone onto my SmartTV but again am asking how I can accomplish this, especially knowing I have nieces and nephews that will be visiting next weekend and they’ll most likely want to watch the movies I have saved, not streaming, on my phone.
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