How to successfully transfer iTunes from Windows XP to Mac Lion

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by JayBlox, Oct 14, 2011.

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    Hey guys, Please Help i have tried everything i can find on the net. I am trying to move my iTunes along with all the latest changes to my Music such as playlists and changes in songs name, artist, rating etc. Each time i sweep iTunes folders into the mac hence overwriting the iTunes on the mac, I get i get my old info and playlists from 2 years ago. Also i am trying to sweep over my iPhone backups so i can start using strictly mac and no more iTunes on my PC. I have multiple apple devices to sync but i am trying to avoid starting over on the new itunes on mac. I thought copying the iTunes folder onto the mac would also import the Device backups. but its empty when looking in backups on iTunes. I know this is a lot of info but any and all suggestions would be very helpful. please ask me a question if it will help your response.

    Thanks J
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    for iTunes, use export and import. There is a howto on the apple web site.

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