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Discussion in 'iPad' started by pjny, Sep 10, 2013.

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    I have the first gen iPad with 3g ATT unlimited account and would like to switch to iPad mini 4G(LTE) with ATT. I have the iPad mini Wi-FI right now.

    I am planning on sending my iPad 1 to a family member abroad next week. Is there anyway I can transfer the account to the new iPad when I get it in a month of so if I don't have the iPad 1 with me?

    If so, what info do I need to activate the new iPad mini with? Will I need the iPad 1 with me and turned on when transferring account?

    I was hoping to get the iPad mini 4g with retina if it is released as rumored.

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    Sep 4, 2013
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    I think taking the SIM out of your iPad 1, and getting a SIM cutter to cut it down to iPad mini size should work... but you might not get LTE.

    Have you tried calling AT&T and asking? If you want to transfer your unlimited data plan to LTE, you'll need to go through them anyway.
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    You will need to be sure you don't let the account on the iPad 1 get turned off. Safest way is to keep the 1 with you and active until you get the new 2. I guess you could just pull the sim from the 1 and continue paying for data on it until you get the 2.

    After you get the 2 it isn't a problem to switch and can be done as you are setting up the new iPad. Like I said though if you let the account on the 1 get shut down you will never get the unlimited back.

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