How to switch off auto sync in Itunes

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    Hello all, just about to JB my iphone 4 through safari and dont want to make a backup of it after the JB incase I change my mind, am I right in thinking that I can just do a restore from backup if I want to go back.

    Also can I connect to itunes after the JB to transfer music etc, or would that make a new back up, can I choose which backup to restore
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    I'm pretty sure that any time your iPhone syncs content (Movies, Music, Apps) through iTunes it will make a backup. To disable autosyncing, simply launch iTunes and navigate to preferences. Under the Devices tab will be an option to "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically."

    As noted above syncing music to/from the iPhone will create a new backup. The previous backup is overwritten with the new backup. The only way to "keep" an older backup is to retrieve it through Time Machine or manually back it up if you have a Windows system. See this support article for additional information on backups.
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    I always copy my backup folder on my Mac to a safe location. Are you saying I can't copy that file back to use it?

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