How to switch to a new computer with your iPhone?

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    My friend has been a windows user all his life and synced his iPhone with his pc. Now he bought a mac and wants to sync it with his Mac without loosing all the pictures / music he has on it. Anyway that's possible? He has it jailbroken too (Version 2.2) Any program to get photos / music / and contacts off the phone?

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    Your friend should transfer his files from his PC to his Mac. Then, all his iTunes music, videos, photos, documents, etc. will be on his Mac. Even if he is using iWork and was using MS Word, the .doc files will still be readable through Pages. Once he gets the files transfered, he can sync with from his Mac and nothing will be lost.

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    iPhone not recognized on new computer

    My old computer is not working because I disabled some things and can't fix it back.

    I bought a new HP computer and it doesn't recognize my iPhone. How do I update my iPhone to be recognized on this computer? I am not going to repair the old PC so I need to be able to sync with the new PC.
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    #4 can transfer all the photos and music/videos from the iPhone by using the guides links that are provided in the guide sections.

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