How to sync Aperture libraries between two computers?


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May 26, 2008
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I recently purchased my Mac Pro, and have since transferred my Aperture library to it from my Macbook Pro. Is there a decent way to keep the libraries up to date by syncing one against the other without copying the entire library? I have searched online and some people say to use "ChronoSync," however some people are saying there are problems with it since it has trouble syncing the structures within the typical Aperture library.

I know I can just put the library on an external disk and plug it into which ever computer I need to use Aperture on, however, I'd like to take advantage of my raid 0 hard drive setup on the mac pro and use faster sata speeds on my internal mbp hdd.

Thanks for any input!


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Oct 24, 2009
Cambridgeshire, UK
By the lack of replies I think you get the answer :) To be honest, Aperture like Lightroom is a single user App. The only way I think is to place the Aperture db on a fast server with a fast network and then connect across the network. I have tried this using a NAS disk (actually a timecapsule attached by ethernet) and I found aperture to be slow reading and writing.

Like you I ended up using a Firewire storage device that I move betwen desktop and laptop.



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