How to Sync iPad Over Internet.

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by Evilphil, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Evilphil macrumors newbie

    May 5, 2011
    Hello all!

    My dad just purchased an iPad for my mum for her 60th birthday (my parents live in the states and I in canada). We are trying to get pictures and videos on it for when it is given to her in a couple weeks - but there is one problem, the only computer in their house is my mums laptop and getting enough time on it to download the photos/videos (that I organized, cropped, edited etc etc here in canada) is next to impossible.

    I was wondering if anyone has come across an app that will enable you to remote sync an iPad over the internet? This way, he can do it over their wifi and won't need her computer.

    If there is any way of doing this, I hope someone knows a way to do this.

    Thank you for the help!

  2. Vundu macrumors 65816


    Jun 10, 2009
    Manchester, UK
    Put them on Dropbox. Install Dropbox app on iPad?

    Or setup a shared photostream.
  3. cyks macrumors 68020


    Jul 24, 2002
    Westchester County, NY
    It'd probably be the easiest (and most reliable) if your dad had one of her sisters/ girlfriends take her out for a day (movies, spa, hair, etc.) and he properly set it up on her computer then.

    ...and I'll second using Dropbox to get them there.
  4. Evilphil thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 5, 2011
    Thanks, yeah, we're going to try to get her out of the house. but just in case, we were looking for an alternative. they are currently on google drive so he could download them all from there. I was hoping there was a way to sync remotely anyways, because I would love to be able to do it from anywhere on my own ipad.

    Thanks for the help, everyone!


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