How to sync iTunes on a new Mac without erasing data

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by patent10021, Aug 22, 2012.

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    How to sync iTunes on a new Mac without erasing data?

    Before you answer I CANNOT copy over any files from my Mac to this fresh Mac (mum's mac) because she's in Canada and I'm in Japan. I didn't think to bring over my iTunes data files with me on my thumb drive.

    I believe it is IMPOSSIBLE to load my iPhone up with music and videos (sync to mum's iTunes) via her Mac without authorizing and losing my data right?

    Really sucks because I just want to put a couple of files movies and CDs on my iPhone.

    Hmmm I'm thinking some kind of WiFi file transfer app?

    Last solution. JB then SSH or something right?

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    You can do that but it won't go into the iPhone's "Music" app. You'll only be able to play it in the WiFi transfer app itself. Which isn't too bad, but another pitfall of not having a basic file/saving structure in iOS for music/videos/docs.
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    You posted before my edit lol What about JB/SSH?

    I guess the #1 lesson learned is when you travel with a thumb drive always have your iTunes data files with you. You never know whose computer you'll want to sync with.

    WAIT!! You can back up your iPhone via iTunes & iCloud. It stands to reason that you COULD back up from any Mac in the world right? How would you do this?

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