How to take complete backup on a new iMac ?

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    I just got a new iPad 4.

    In my iMac, I had many iPhones and iPads connected in the last.

    I want to wipe out all of that data and copy everything on my current iPad to iTunes, so I can be upto date for my iPad and iMac, both at the same place.

    But Im afraid, what if I lose my iPad data while doing all those experiments.

    Apple is such a stupid to make this backup restore process complex, users will always want to kill this company. :(


    Here is the current situation.

    Tell me how to wipe out all the current iTunes data
    Then how to take FULL BACKUP of the ipad to the imac ? When I said, full, that means apps, folders, settings, data everything.

    After that, whenever I want to add any book or tone or picture, I can simply add to iTunes library and click on SYNC ?
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    Open iTunes and then open 'Preferences'. Now look for the 'Devices' section. There you will see all of your previous backups. You can then delete the ones you don't want anymore.

    Once that is done, plug your iPad in via USB. You should then be asked if you want to "Setup As New' or 'Restore From Backup'. You can select 'Restore As New', but click the 'X' on iTunes when it starts to sync (You may not have to click the 'X', but I didn't want to restore mine as new so I did). Once you are able to view what's on your iPad, look under the 'Summary' tab for the section called 'Backups'. There you will be able to create a manual backup of your device.

    Once your backup has completed, you will then be able to sync new media to your iPad without any issues.

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