How to tell if 3rd party USB charger is fast charging iPad Pro?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by appleguy123, Aug 20, 2016.

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    i love how fast the 29W USB C charger charges my iPad Pro 12.9 inch. I want to get the same performance at work without having to pay $70 more for the convenience of having two chargers.

    I bought a third party USB C 29W charger and a USB-c to lightning wire. Is there an app in the App Store that can compare if these third party accessories are charging my iPad as fast as Apple's official USB C charger? Or am I just going to have to compare them the old fashion way and time how long it takes to charge the iPad from a drained battery?
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    if the charge on the iPad is 40% or less a fast charge should charge at roughly 1% a minute. so if you discharge the iPad to 10% in 30 minutes you should be at 40%. You can probably check it in 10mins and if you are at 20% you are good. Pretty quick. Or use an AC Power Meter. I don't think there is an App yet for the iPad to report what you are asking. Note though although 3rd-Party adapters have been found that work, currently I don't know that any 3rd-Party cables have been found. A cable adapter may work, waiting for the iPad to need charging to test one.
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    This was an unanswered thread from last year. There are several threads in this and the iPad Accessories section about fast charging 2015's 12.9-inch and both of this year's iPPs.
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