How to the most life from a Pro battery?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Soura2112, Mar 21, 2010.

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    I just got a new battery for my 15" MacBook Pro (2007), I have yet to install it. On my current battery I get maybe an hour, if I am lucky. I put my laptop in sleep mode all the time, so maybe that caused the problem, but it's always plugged in when i do that. I also have my iPhone connected to it all night, while in sleep mode, while I actually sleep. I added a larger hard drive and RAM to my laptop, but I was getting about the same battery time before I put the hard Drive in. Also when I first got my Laptop I let the batter die then power it up, I did this a few times before I started to unplug the laptop and just use the battery for power. Since I have had the laptop for over 2 years I know the first year the battery worked well. I do not expect batteries to last forever, but I know many people who's batteries still work like new.
    So I am looking for help/tips before I put the new batter in, so I get the most out of my purchase.
    Thanks you!
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    Thanks for the info and your time. I have searched it prior but I'm in a hurry and you never know when someone finds a new trick. I help others who ask the same questions before without the sarcasm. No need to reply if you don't want to help. Thought that's what us mac geeks were here for. So again thank you to those who respond I appreciate it.
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    What's with people writing thread titles that are missing verbs? Is it some joke I'm not apart of? Or did someone the whole internet?
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    for my macbook pro, what i do is turn off bluetooth and airport if im not using them. those are big battery hogs. also the keyboard backlighting and screen brightness. turn all those off/down to their lowest setting unless absolutely necessary and you should at least get 4 hrs if its a new battery. you can get an external charger for your ipod that plugs into the wall so that you dont have to depend on your laptop to charge it
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    Just use it. There is almost nothing you can do to increase the lifespan of your battery. The only things you could do are so amazingly complicated and give such a tiny improvement that IMHO they are not worth it.

    Don't worry about leaving your iPhone plugged in, it will get powered by the Magsafe adapter not the battery, so it won't affect the battery life.

    The people who have batteries that work like new just got lucky. My first battery lasted 6 months. My second one is perfect after 3.5 years. Go figure.

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