How to toggle between iPhone speaker and bluetooth speaker?


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Jul 7, 2008
I just got an iPhone 6. I use a Jabra hands free bluetooth speaker in my car which is supposed to go to sleep around 5 minutes after I exit the car. Sometimes I'll get a call before the bluetooth speaker goes to sleep, and when I get a call instead of coming through on the iPhone's speaker it goes to the bluetooth speaker in the car inside the garage. On my Samsung Galaxy S5 there was a bluetooth icon on the phone dialer which I could just touch to turn off and on, but I don't see the same thing on the iPhones dialer.

Am I missing something or can I not do this on the iPhone?


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Oct 15, 2014
Well, there are Bluetooth speakers that are compatible with iPhone which is a lot more affordable (that is if you have a tight budget). I have bought one from Amazon here: . You might want to check it out. Use this coupon to get 40% discount (LDSVC3UA).

My review: very decent sounding for a compact speaker. Though there's not much to expect on the bass part (well it's small so that's given I believe so). :cool: