How to trade for 3G model?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Praxis91, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Praxis91, Mar 21, 2011
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    I bought my 32gb Wifi only online at launch and I love it, but I think I should upgrade to the 3G model for my needs... do I have to go through the apple site and physically ship to them, or can I go into an apple store, verizon, best buy, etc and swap it for the 3G with Verizon?

    Or if anyone wants to pay cash in the Princeton, NJ area.. lol
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    You should be able to upgrade at your local Apple store. Just call to confirm before you make the trip, it will be while before they have a unit to swap. You might consider selling your iPad 2 directly and then purchasing a 3G model or ordering one but again it will be 4-5 weeks before it arrives, well beyond your return / upgrade period.

    Just another key point there is not a iPad 2 3G Verizon Model. The AT&Tmodel is the 3G with a Micro-SIM. The Verizon unit is not GSM and can't be used on any network but Verizon unless you cout the WiFi capability.

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    Of course there is a Verizon 3G model of the iPad 2--the 3G has nothing to do with GSM but rather denotes the "3rd generation" of mobile wireless technology. For Verizon, this is EV-DO while for AT&T it's UMTS/HSPA.

    An even simplier way to show you are mistaken---take a look at the item description for a Verizon unit on any website selling them.

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