How To Transfer Applications 2 New Macbook?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by HappyDude20, Aug 14, 2009.

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    So, my new Macbook Pro just arrived, to replace my 2006 White Macbook.

    My White Macbook has a 500GB Western Digital HD, with everything on it.

    I'm really concerned about not losing 3 things:

    1. Precious Applications
    2. Photos
    3. iTunes Music (11GB's)

    Specifically with my applications, I don't want to lose applications such as "1Password" since its a favorite application of mine, and it was a gift on "" I'm not sure how the process would be to retrieve my old activation code from 1Password since it was a download from MacHeist, if I can even do that. I'm aware of some MacHeist applications not allowing you update to the latest version cause the activation code was only specifically for the MacHeist download.

    Also photos. I bit over 2GB's of photos, but meaningful of course. These photos are saved already on Google's Picasa online, but would like to save these directly as well. & iTunes music of course. There's no place online I can save 11GB's of music for free and the truth is, I have 3 HD's to work with here.

    1. 500GB Western Digital HD (Currently in my White Macbook 2006)
    2. 80GB HD (White Macbook Original, not currently in use, though Leopard is fully installed within it)
    3. 160GB HD (New Macbook Pro's currently inside the new Macbook Pro)

    What I'm Trying to Accomplish:

    I want my 500GB Western Digital HD to still be my main hard drive. I want this hard drive to be in the new Macbook Pro.

    Since Leopard came out, one time I did something very dumb and that was going into system specific folders under Leopard's hood, moving folders and files around and even deleting (what i'm sure are) important files.
    Since then Leopard on my White Macbook/500 GB WD HD has seemed to suffer. From the little things like no longer having Leopard applications such as DVD Player, the functionality of Leopard isn't what it once was. Now, I don't now much about system files and that kinda thing, so succinctly put I want to have a completely clean 500GB Hard Drive and then install Leopard all over again on this 500GB HD. (But not before I make sure to save/backup those important applications, photos and music files) I also feel doing this will set a good fresh start foundation when Snow Leopard comes out.

    Since I want this new 500GB HD on my new Macbook Pro, this is a perfect time to use the installation CD's that came with my new Macbook Pro, especially since this new Macbook Pro must have a different serial number than the old White Macbook, where the 500GB HD currently rests.

    So I truly think what i'm wondering and asking of the MacRumors community here is, what would be the best way to save photos, applications, music and any other files from my 500GB HD, to only be put back into the same 500GB HD, but not until after that 500GB HD is completely erased and has the Macbook Pro's Mac OS X Leopard installed back in it ready for the new Macbook Pro?

    My White Macbook will get its original 80GB HD installed back in it, which is doesn't have any files of mine.

    The Macbook Pro's 160GB HD i'll keep as an external drive and will want to use it as a Time Machine backup.
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    For one, your serial for 1password should be in your macheist account. Just login.
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    Thanks. I just logged into MacHeist.

    Of all the MacHeist apps I've gotten I use only 2 regularly.

    1. AllSecure

    2. 1Password


    A. AllSecure on MacHeist is still there though it states that since MacHeist 3 is over they are no longer offering activation codes. Instead it gives a 20% discount code to purchase the application. Therefore assume I'll need to save the AlSecure app already on my Mac and transfer the app to my final Hard Drive.

    B. 1Password, since it was during Christmas 2008 during the Gift Giving Tree promo, is no longer available at MacHeist, so am guessing i'll have to do the same thing..


    But this isn't really too big of a concern for me anymore, since I'm guessing I could just connect a flash drive to my White Macbook, grab the 1Password & AllSecure and then later connect the flash drive to my new Macbook Pro when the 500GB HD is installed.


    However i'm still befuddled as how to transfer all my files, music, documents, etc.

    It turns out that with music, movies, ipod touch apps, etc, podcasts my iTunes totals at 60GB's.


    I gotta save all that.


    So I need to still transfer all of my files located in the 500GB HD to the very same 500GB HD but not until I erase everything on that hard drive and then install Leopard. While I have an 80GB HD (Whitebook's original) & 160GB HD (Macbook Pro's original) both new and untouched (leopard already installed)
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    With SL coming out tomorrow I felt compelled to ask again about how to get AllSecure working again. I went ahead and asked in the MacHeist Forum but no replies for over a week now.
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    How old is the white Macbook?

    If you intend to physically swap the hard drives from the old to the new, you may find they are not compatible. i.e. the old has a PATA interface and the new will have a SATA interface. See attached image

    As for apps:

    Fear not. The MacHeist code will work with all versions of 1Password v2.x. I've been upgrading my 1PW application using the Macheist serial with no problems.

    For other applications, I recommend the following.

    1, For applications that come with an installer package (.pkg), they should be 'installed' using the original installer files onto the new machine to avoid issues where system wide files may be missed if you try to manually copy them from one machine to the other.

    2, For all other applications and utilities that do not come with an installer (those that normally have a 'drag the icon to the applications folder' method of installation, these can be copied from the old Macbook to the new machine and can be ran without issue.

    As for iTunes and iPhoto libraries, simply copy the those folders from ~/Music and ~/Pictures respectively. Overwrite the empty versions on the new Macbook and your good to go.

    In short, your music and photos are your priority. You can always download the applications again.

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