How to transfer data to LG V20 from Note 7?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Dextor143, Nov 13, 2016.

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    Oct 28, 2008
    I just got my replacement LGV20 in the mail and its been 2 days, the damn LGV20 is stuck on 45%. I have been using the LGBackup app and it sucks ass. I cannot get it passed 45% and have already tried it 4 times.

    Can someone help me out here?
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    Come on guys???Any help?
  2. MRU Suspended


    Aug 23, 2005
    What data exactly are you trying to bring from your Note 7 ?

    Contacts and calendars assuming you synced with a google account should transfer with just signing into your google account.

    App data will be minimal and again your google account will have taken a record of all apps you installed on your previous device and offer to re-install them when you first set up your device.

    If it's photos - then you may be out of luck, i would use Google Photos in the future so that they are not tied to an a specific manufacturers backup solution.

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