How to transfer everything from iPhone 3GS to 4S

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    I bought my first iMac a couple of weeks ago and need some assistance. I plugged my iPhone 3GS into it to sync it to the new mac and ended up losing all my contacts. It wiped it completely clean and I don't recall seeing anything come up on the screen to warn me or ask me if this was what I wanted. I've come to terms with losing everything, but don't want to do anything so stupid again!

    I have been given an iPhone 4S today for Christmas and now need to transfer everything across from the 3GS. I believe this is easy first time you plug phone in - BUT, my 3GS hasn't synced to any pc for a long long time. I need to bring my old phone up to date on the new mac before I plug my new phone in. Please can someone help me and take me through step by step so that I don't lose anything? I haven't even got the latest software on my old phone yet because if I plug in the phone to the mac it tells me that I will lose some of my apps because they are not backed up to the system before I upload the latest software. I just don't know where to start. I'm hopeless with technology, and my husband's even worse, lol. I need an Apple Fan boy to give me an idiot's guide to sorting this all out!

    Thank you if you can! I appreciate your patience and time.
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