How to transfer itunes library from windows to mac?

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    I want sell my pc and buy a new mac mini. I saw in apple website that there is a tool thats transfer all files from the old pc to the new mac. Because im selling my pc before i buy the mac i will need to backup all my files. The important thing for me is the itunes library. If i will backup itunes library on external hdd (ntfs) i will be able to transfer the library to mac? Im asking this because i know thats the mac os x file system working differently from windows file system.

    itunes library important files:
    iTunes Library.itl iTunes Library.xml

    -this files can be read in os x?
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    You'd be better off formatting the drive to ex fat before putting your tunes on it.


    Sorry misread your post. Use fat32 format rather than ntfs. There are tools to add read write comparability but I wouldn't trust them when it comes to iTunes data management.
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