How to transfer purchases between two iTunes accounts?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by dealmaker, Dec 16, 2010.

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    So I have two iTunes "accounts" because I have an old AOL account - that Apple won't allow me to merge or combine. It is a complete pain - and so I need to find a way of getting some of my purchases from one account onto the other.

    I assume the easiest way for songs is just to burn my purchased songs onto a CD then re- import them onto the regular account?

    ...but what about the 30 or so videos I purchased?? How can I get them off one account and onto the other account? Is there some sort of format I can put them on a DVD or memory stick and then re-import them?


    (I'm sure Apple could sort this if study wanted to - but they say it's impossible to merge two accounts - this is causing lots of grief - especially with the advent of Airplay, AirTunes and HomeSharing!!)
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    Read this thread: and this post

    This should not be a problem. iTunes and iOS devices can be authorized to play content from multiple devices and although the Home Sharing account needs to be the same, the underlying content can be associated with a different account.

    BTW, I switched my iTunes account from an older ISP to my current gmail account with no issues. Even though my content shows two e-mail accounts associated with purchases it works as a single account.


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