How to transfer VHS tapes to iMac G5?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Leareth, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Leareth macrumors 68000


    Nov 11, 2004
    I need to transfer my vhs tapes onto DVD, what is the simplest way of doing that ?
    I choose my G5 imac since it is currently the most powerful of my machines but any of the other ones in my sig can be used as well.
    Any suggestions???
  2. Stampyhead macrumors 68020


    Sep 3, 2004
    London, UK
    You will need to get a video converter that will convert the analog video from the VHS tape into digital video that will work on your computer. If you have a DV camcorder you can use that instead, just hook it up to the VCR to record the tape and then copy it to your computer. The easiest way would be to import it into iMovie and then into iDVD from there. I believe the new version of iDVD has a feature that will allow you to go direct from tape to DVD without going into iMovie, but I could be wrong. I haven't used the new versions of those apps yet.
  3. Rod Rod macrumors 68020

    Rod Rod

    Sep 21, 2003
    Las Vegas, NV
    Many miniDV camcorders function as analog to digital pass-throughs, so recording from VHS to miniDV tape is not necessary. Just run the signal through the miniDV camcorder to the Mac and capture the video. iMovie should be able to handle such a video stream. In your camcorder just select the "a/v in" option.
  4. 840quadra Moderator


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    Feb 1, 2005
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    The user could also buy a USB or Firewire Video input device for the Imac. Record the Video with the Capture device on your HDD, and then Convert them to DVD format.

    Granted the quality is smaller, but I have ripped quite a few videos using my Quadra and placed them onto my G4, to share (with myself at work) on the web. Which is funny because I also have a L2 G3 6500/275 that can do the same thing but in bigger / better Quality.

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