How to turn off use of sim card without removing it?

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    Hello, I am traveling. I have the sim card installed on my iPhone 6s Plus. Once I moved to another country, the name of a local phone company shows up on the top left hand corner. I guess the phone is using my sim card and local company. Am I right? Since I don't plan to make or receive phone call, I want to turn off the use of sim card. Is there a way to do it without removing it physically? I went to settings, carrier. Even I turned off automatic, some searching was going on. Then, a list of local companies from the country where I travel shows up. When I moved back to setting, the name of one of the companies showed up. Then, I pressed carrier again and iPhone automatically turned it on! How can I stop the phone from using the sim card without me removing it?
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    Not sure I understand... if you don't plan on making or receiving phone calls, why not just turn the phone off?
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    I don't know that you can turn the SIM "off". You can put the device in Airplane mode... and then turn wifi and BT on, as needed. That effectively turns off any carrier based cellular connection. It will also replace the carrier name on the menu bar with the airplane mode icon.

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    To use free wifi in some locations.
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    The earlier suggested method of enabling airplane mode and then enabling WiFi should do the trick when it comes to that.

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