How to uniformly set Finder icon prefs?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by rye9, Aug 18, 2016.

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    I noticed that at various levels/sublevels of my folders, some are 3 across, some are 4 across, some are snapped to the grid, etc... and it kind of bothers me. How do I uniformly set all Finder windows so that the icons are always, say, 3 icons across and snapped to the grid? I like how also, on my Desktop, the items will 'move up' if one is deleted, etc. Can I mimic that in Finder as a preference for all windows?

    I hope this makes sense!. Thanks :)
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    You can set a default style for icon view, list view and Cover Flow view separately. To do that, you have to select the view style, then go to View > Show View Options (or right-click on the white area). There you can tweak the style. Finally, you have to click on the button ‘Use as Defaults’ to apply this style to all other similar views. To enforce a sorting in icon view, you have to choose something under ‘Arrange By’. For instance, arranging by name will always ‘sort’ the icons by name in icon view and attach them to the grid.
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    Haven't tested this recently, but it used to be the case that "Use as Default" only worked for enclosed folders, but only if they had not been changed manually using Show View Options.

    As for 3 or 4 across, that will depend on the "Arrange By" mode you select, and your habits. Finder window sizes used to be static for all folders. Each one would always stay the size you set it to. That has not been true for awhile now.

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