How to 'unify' Android with the mac?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Pandalorian, Apr 11, 2013.

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    I replaced my iPhone 4 with a new Galaxy S3 (on t-mobile) last week, and have LOVED this phone so far, but the main drawback is the lack of mac compatibility. I was wondering if there were apps available that would replace certain iCloud functions (reminders, notes, photo stream) that are avaliable for both Mac and on the Google Play store. Does anyone else have this figured out?
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    Google calendars and other online apps should do everything you need
  3. jamojamo macrumors 6502

    Feb 12, 2010

    Both right here on page 1. Lots of great information
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    As for Photo Stream, you get 50GB of Dropbox storage with the S III so use that. :)
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    Dropbox is the way I unify file storage also across all my devices. Its not a very granular solution, but it works.
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    If you use iCloud for Contacts/Calendar you still use it with "smoothsync" from the Google Play Store. I've used it a few weeks and it works perfectly.

    You have plenty of options for Notes. If you use iClouds Notes and the Mac Notes app you can set the App to look at gmail notes and sync with that, then use a third party app to sync with them on your Android phone. There is an app for this but i do forget its name. I just went with Evernote in the end, will make things easier in the future as its cross platform.

    No way to access your photo stream , but like other posters i also recommend Dropbox for things such as photos and file storage and can be used from any device.

    Finding a suitable replacement for iTunes was a pain in the rear (i have an iTunes Match Subscription and a few IOS devices) If you also use Match there isn't a way to get it working unfortunately. Tried Google Play but had issues in Mountain Lion with high CPU usage which i couldnt resolve. Ended up using Amazon Cloud Player which is really good, £20 per year and is also cross platform.

    If you use iTunes for Podcasts i whole heartedly recommend iPP Podcast Player, the app links to the iTunes podcast directory.

    For myself moving from IOS (or iCloud) to an Android phone has taught me an important lesson; beyond Apples beautiful but walled garden of services there are plenty of good third party fully cross platform services out there. Don't be scared of embracing change :)
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    you can use google drive. they also just introduced a note taking app (its called Google Keep) that syncs with your google drive. you can also use Microsoft Skydrive, dropbox, etc etc.

    Because the way Android works, you can specify certain directories that will always be synced. It's not limited to just pictures and few other things that icloud offers.

    you can save/restore call logs, messages etc easily on your phone (search for apps by Ritesh Sahu). two very lightweight apps, that can automatically backup these things.
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    I'm looking to do the same with the Nexus 4 for X phone depending on when I switch. Plenty of great information here.

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