How to unsync iPhone Apps from iTunes

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by thedza, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Feb 20, 2012
    This topic has been mentioned in a long and confusing previous thread, which did not resolve - or seemingly understand - the issue.

    I have an iPhone and a MacBook Air. The MBA has a small hard disk, in fact, only twice the size of my iPhone, so I try to keep it as free of data as possible. I have downloaded some apps to my phone, but not that many.

    With the new iCloud backup system for phones, iTunes backing up becomes even more confusing than before.

    I am backing up my phone to iCloud to prevent disasters and I synchronise my phone to iTunes for moving music/podcasts etc.

    However, iTunes is now 'backing up' my iPhone apps to the computer. I don't want it to do this. Why? Because it has now copied all of my iPhone apps to a folder inside iTunes Media on my Mac - which is almost 2 GIGS. Even worse, I delete an app from my iPhone, I sync, but it's still in iTunes. I can't delete it so it's not even syncing properly anyway!

    Obviously I just need to unsync apps from iTunes, but then I get the 'Delete all apps from phone?' dialogue. OF course I DON'T WANT TO DELETE ALL APPS FROM THE PHONE! I just want them off the Mac. There must be a way of doing this.

    If not, does anybody know if I can simply delete the apps from the phone - as iTunes wants to do - and then unsync the iPhone and then re-download all of my iPhone apps using my Apple ID? Or will they be lost?

    Having had an awful iCloud experience of inexplicably lost contacts already, I don't want to risk losing all the apps, but I DO want them out of my laptop's iTunes folder.

    Appreciate any tips,

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