How to update the recovery partition

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    If you just update el capitan with the delta update, it will not update the recovery partition.

    For example, if you update 10.11 to 10.11.1 with the delta update, the recovery partition stays at 10.11 version.

    One way to update the recovery partition is to run the latest full installer - even if your system is already up-to-date. But that's like opening a nut with a sledge hammer.

    There is a much quicker way to do it without running the full installer.

    1. Download the Lion Recovery Update from . (And before you ask, YES. I mean LION recovery update!) Make sure it is in your downloads folder. If you still happen to have the latest full el capitan installer somewhere, right click on the Install OS X El file and click Show Package Contents. Go to Contents/SharedSupport/. Copy the InstallESD.dmg file into your Downloads folder. If you don't still have the full installer, you can get it again by redownloading from your purchases tab in your mac app store.

    2. Download and decompress the file from and move into your Downloads folder if it's not there already.

    3. Open Terminal and type the following commands:

    chmod +x ~/Downloads/
    sudo ~/Downloads/

    4. Wait a few minutes for it to finish and return back to a prompt. Reboot with holding down the option key to test your recovery partition.

    (Although if you have core storage you will have to revert it to make the recovery partition show up in the startup manager. Just run these in terminal to revert it if you want to:

    diskutil cs list

    and then

    diskutil coreStorage revert lvUUID

    where lvUUID is the last lvUUID reported by the previous Terminal command. Then restart.)

    NOTE: This method can also be used to create a recovery partition even when one does not previously exist, eg., when using CCC to restore a system, often the recovery partition is not restored too.
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