How to upgrade from any iOS beta software to public release

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Nobita, Mar 10, 2011.

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    So I've been googling around... But no one has to right answer. What I get from googling is:

    1. If my beta/GM build number is the same as public release, then when pressing "check for update" I won't get any updates
    2. Otherwise, it should notify me that I need to upgrade
    3. If it doesn't work, I need to go to to download .ipsw file and install it manually with option-click. I tried searching and going to but I can't find it. I'm a developer.
    4. I tried going here: but the build number for iOS 4.3 is different. I don't quite trust that website..

    What do I have to do now to upgrade from 4.3b1 to 4.3 public release? Please help me :(
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    did you try to contact apple's developer program support?

    Did you try to downgrade back to 4.2 and then update to 4.3
  3. Nobita, Mar 10, 2011
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    Yeah, but I thought there are more people here so I post it here...

    I tried downgrading to 4.2, but turns out I do NOT have any single restore file in my ~/Library/iTunes/iPad Software Restores, so I got an error when I press restore in iTunes... This is also a mystery for me, does upgrading to a beta software deletes the restore file?


    Checked out the developer forum. They said clicking restore should begin download of the public release. If that's not working then I have to download the ipsw file from somewhere. Those guys gave me a link to the ipsw file... Now downloading 597MB of file...
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