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    My cousin completely messed up his iphone. I dont know what he did. But in any case, he gave the iphone to me to get it repaired. It was in recovery mode. So I, not really knowing what to do, gave ziphone a try. Somehow ziphone worked.

    But there's a problem. The iphone now has 1.1.1 firmware with 04.04.05_G baseband. Also the is not installed. Now I wish to upgrade it to 1.1.4 and install the on it.

    Do I simply upgrade this iPhone to 1.1.4 via itunes and then unlock it with ziphone. Or do i need to take some percautionary measures like oktoprep first and then upgrade.

    Can somebody please point me to the right guide to do it. All I m worried bout is that the firmware and baseband do not match.
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    well first just restore to 1.1.4 by using itunes and just use pwnage to unlock and put apps on its considered the safest jailbreak and you dont have to worry about bricking it
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    PWNAGE?????? couldnt find anywhere to download. Google revealed some gizmodo and other articles bout pwnage tools successfully unlocking iphones but I couldnt find anywhere to download. And after 10 minutes of frustration I gave up and decided to give tried n tested ziphone another chance.

    I did the restore to 1.1.4 with iTunes which gave me an invalid sim card error after the restore. Then I quit the iTunes and launched ziphone, chose the "Unlock,Jailbreak n Activate in one click" option and crossed my fingers. A few minutes later my iphone was unlocked and activated to work with any carrier also the too was installed. Cant believe how easier it has become to unlock the iphone nowadays.:):)

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