How to upgrade Mac Pro 5,1 disk slots to SATA 3

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by inkrsn, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. inkrsn macrumors newbie

    Jun 7, 2017
    Hey all!

    I am currently using mac pro 5,1 mid 2010 and I would like to upgrade its disk slots form sata 2 to sata 3 speed. I heard there is an option adding pcie card which allows you to connect sata 3 while using actual / designated disk slots within mac. Does anyone have any experiences with that? And if so can you point me a bit about my options?

    I am already familiar with adding a slot card for ssds which opens just that but as I am running a video production comp my cry for extra space is always unsatisfied :)

    Also if there is already an open thread about it please redirect me to it.

  2. William_si macrumors regular


    Apr 4, 2016
    This is only for 1,1-3,1 as they have them SAS connected. 4,1-5,1 have SATA hardwired to the mainboard SATA ports.

    4,1/5,1 have SATA wired to slot 4 (for thr Apple raid controller) but likely very custom - if someone sponsors me a raid card i cam get the pin out but if they use a custom protocol or similar producing an adapter PCB is rather complicated.

    Aside i can only produce a board that fans them out - using the PCIe lanes of 4 for the SATA controller is far more complex so you need to waste 4 *and* 3.
  3. satinsilverem2 macrumors 6502a


    Nov 12, 2013
    Richmond, VA
    Im sorry I failed to read that you had a 5.1.

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