How to upgrade to 7 from XP in bootcamp

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    I have Windows XP SP3 on disc(slipstreamed so I don't have to redownload SP3 when I install, NOT a hacked version), however my current Macbook no longer supports XP. I have it installed and it runs but no driver support as I know it is not provided. I want to buy an upgrade copy of Windows 7 for this as I do have a working and activated copy of XP but I was wondering if the upgrade path using bootcamp made this difficult? What are the steps? I apologize if this has been asked before.
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    When you install windows 7, it will overwrite your XP partition meaning you will lose all data. Easiest way to do the upgrade is first backup all data on the windows partition, put in the windows 7 dvd, then restart the computer while holding the option button. You'll do the regular windows install. Then use a snow leopard disc to install the windows 7 drivers.

    Note, you do not need to run the bootcamp assistant program within the Mac OS side.
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    Windows 7 does not provide a upgrade path from XP. Like vistadude said, your going to loose everything.

    If you do want Windows 7, the way to do it would be:
    • Backup your Windows files
    • Run Boot Camp Assistant to turn your hard drive back into a single partition (and remove XP)
    • Restart
    • Run Boot Camp Assistant again to re-add the Boot Camp Partition
    • Install Windows 7
    • Install Boot Camp Drivers (in Windows)
    • Run Apple Software Update (in Windows)

    You would probably be happy with Windows 7 Home Premium. You can try it out before purchasing it by downloading a ISO and burning it to a DVD (64-bit version would be what most people want these days).

    During the setup leave the Product Key box blank. This will give you a 30 day grace (or trial) period in order to take a look at Windows 7.

    If you do decide you like it, you can purchase it and then enter the Product Key. (You can do this by typing "activation" in the Start Menu Search box and pressing enter)

    Edit: Oddly enough, you COULD upgrade XP to Vista and then Vista to 7. But who the *beep* would want to do that? :p

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