How to use 200 GB iCloud without increasing Mac's disk space

Marko Zorec

macrumors newbie
Original poster
Jan 24, 2016

I am thinking to buy additional iCloud space (200GB) - but here it is my concern - is it possibl to use 200 GB iCloud service without increasing Mac's disk space? Because my Mac has 128 GB space only and my iPhone 32 GB...

So far as I know, when I will load files, let's say 150 GB of them, on iCloud drive in Mac, I want those files to be just online, not on my local disk anymore... Only if I download them they need to be here...

If that isn't possible - what is the point of iCloud storage, instead of mail/contacts/small file sync etc?

How could one possibly hope to sync a 200 GB (or more) iCloud account to an iPad or iPhone if the files must reside on the device?
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