How to use iPhone 3GS as an iPod touch

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    Feb 8, 2012
    Okay so I just got an iPhone 3GS a little over a month ago & then yesterday I dropped it in the toilet by accident. I soaked it in a bad of rice overnight but wasnt expecting it to even turn back on. I waited 24 hours and when I finally gotnt back on everything seemed to be working fine except that in the corner where it should say "AT&T"and show me my bars it hat said "no service" afte I was playing on it for a few minutes it said "searching" instead of no service and then about 15 minutes later I had service & even called my mom! Then it suddenly said "searching" again and wouldn't let me send text or call again. It's been going back and forth for about an hour now. I am sooo disappointed to have to get a new phone :( there is no way I can afford to get an iPhone out of contract, I'm just a poor college student. Even if I have to get a ******** phone I'd really like to try to use my iPhone as a
    An iPod touch bc some of the apps are really useful. I plan on going to the AT&T store tomorrow to get a new phone but I guess really my question is I I'll be able to get a new phone but still keep my iPhone to use as an iPod touch? I had seen other posts on here that we're similar but they seem to be from people who had been in contract for two years then upgraded to something new so they still had their sim card in their old iPhones ( which is appariently necessary to doing you plan to use it as an iPod.) if I go to the AT&T store tomorrow will they take the sim card out of the iphone( I need to keep the same line) and if they do then how can I use the old iPhone as an iPod touch?
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    Nov 17, 2009
    I actually would like to know about the same thing. I have our two old iPhone 3G phones just sitting around. I would like to use them as iPods, but no clue how it asks me for a sim unlock code.
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    Restore the phone and setup as new to get around the sim unlock code and then do this:
  4. Medic278 macrumors 6502a


    Feb 1, 2012
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    Above will work or when you get your new phone just ask for a new sim card as well. They should give you a new one without any hassle or problem.
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    If your iPhone is already activated just take the SIM card out. You don't need it to have a SIM card in it for it to work unless you restore it and it needs activating

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