How to use iPhone dock in car?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rogersmj, May 9, 2009.

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    I have a USA Spec iPod adapter that I installed in my Honda Accord about 2 years ago that allows me to connect any iPod with a dock connector and change the tracks using my steering wheel controls. It's great, except for two things.

    First, it pops up that "This accessory is not compatible with the iPhone" message every time I plug my iPhone in, and asks me to activate airplane mode. That's not too annoying, because if I ignore it it will just go away -- but related to that, I suspect, is the iPhone will randomly make the "unplugged, plugged in" noises while it's sitting there already plugged in. I paid $150 for this adapter and spent an hour ripping apart the interior of my car to install there any solution other than replacing it? The iPhone seems to work fine...the sound comes over the stereo, it charges the iPhone, it works fine except for that noise.

    Second...I have a spare iPhone dock, and I'd like to mount it to my center console so when I get in the car I can just drop the iPhone in the dock rather than fumbling for a cable and then balancing the iPhone in a cupholder. But when I connect the dock to the USA Spec adapter and then plug the iPhone into the dock, I get no sound. Why is that, and does anyone have any ideas? I thought the dock just translated the signals straight from the phone to the cable...if it works OK when the cable is plugged in directly, why not with the dock?

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    The iPhone 3G dock charges and syncs only. It has been specifically designed not to work with accessories. Even Apple's own iPhone A/V cable won't work. The 30-pin port on the back of the dock is essentially a vehicle for sync data and power only. Everything that involves the transfer of playable content has been blocked. I'm looking for another solution (including potentially modding the dock itself) and I'll post here if/when I find anything.
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    If TBT for SatNav is coming - i' say some more accessories inc. docks are coming, opening up the arena.
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    Apr 8, 2009
    Schoshe makes an adapter that may solve your issue.

    Apple stores sell it for like $30, if it doesn't fix the issue, return it.

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